August – X-Men

In which I begin at the end.

My History: The very first comic series I started collecting was X-Men (1991). Drawn by Jim Lee, the first 3 issues were legendary writer Chris Claremont’s last 3 issues, as Marvel handed the title over to Jim Lee, only to have him abandon the title when he left to create Image comics by issue #12 or 13. Over the course of the next decade, I collected X-Men and/or Uncanny X-Men regularly. As X-Men approached issue #100, I was not a fan of the stories and art done by Alan Davis, and was eagerly awaiting the promised return of Claremont. To my utter dismay, Claremont’s return was a disaster with new convoluted villains and a seemingly directionless mess in both X-Men and Uncanny (I also recently found out he secretly wrote 3 issue with Alan Davis just before his return). Claremont was thankfully moved off X-Men after a short time to his own new series, X-treme X-Men, and wrote the Uncanny book for a period sometime after. At issue #113 X-Men became New X-Men and went in a whole new direction with Grant Morison for nearly 40 issues before reverting back to X-Men. Various Writers came and went, Whedon had his run on Astonishing, and at the end of Messiah Complex the book turned into X-Men: Legacy, which I never picked up. I collected Uncanny to issue #500, where I transitioned to graphic novels, and have continued to collect Uncanny, as well as some of the newer titles.

There are 3 things to know about the X-Men:

  • They are the perpetual underdog.
  • “Good” and “Evil” don’t apply to the characters. They are all just different shades of grey.
  • Nothing ever ends happily.

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